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PURE system

PURE system has been created for relatively small sliding facades and rather low loads. It consists of specially developed profiles with undersized measurements that help to achieve a more elegant look of fronts and avoid using fittings with excess strength. 

For PURE system there are preserved the basic principles and simple assembly of aluminium Standard system. Thus, customer complaints while packing or assembling is much lower.

PURE system key features are: special vertical profile handles and a top track that makes it possible to shrink the front part to 60 mm.

Installation of thinner fronts has a particularly positive effect in shallow closets in halls, which depth often doesn’t reach even 400 mm.

PURE system is also perfect for children’s rooms that need compact, fine and light doors. Due to special bottom rollers, the height of the top frame has been reduced to 43 mm.

Attention! PURE system is created for small doors. Due to its compact size the cost of the system is a little lower than standard parts on the market. At the same time PURE system is a high-quality compact sliding system by ARISTO that will last for many years.

PURE system has 2 types of vertical profile handles: "Contour" and "I". Each of them is an adopted analogue of standard profiles for sliding doors that allows to combine different systems in one room.

PURE system can be assembled and installed in the following packages:

  1. A classical sliding system with attachable double bottom tracks. Simple assembly. 60 mm front set width.
  2. A sliding system with a recessed bottom track. The track does not bar the pull-out drawers and baskets. The track is less visible in the finished product. 
  3. Installation with a Pivot system. 26 mm facade thickness. Minimalistic design.
  4. Installing a recessed or attachable bottom track at the top or at the bottom of the doorway. It makes the access to the top part of the chest free which is especially important for the cabinets of the bottom tier. For example, retail equipment often has sliding doors lower than 1000 mm.
 Benefits of PURE system for furniture manufacturers:
Benefits of PURE system for customers:    
Simple and clear calculations, assembly and set up significantly reduce the number of complaints. High reliability and perfect quality of movement that will be preserved for many years of usage.
The complex of features and facilities of the system has very few analogues in the market.  Easy cleaning due to the combinations of recessed tracks and gaskets.
Five types of packing sets and assembly make the system suitable for any type of room, from sales premises to children’s units. The efficient usage of inner space gives a feeling of ultimate comfort and utmost satisfaction.
Recessed tracks eliminate dead zones significantly raising the efficiency of space usage and improving furniture ergonomic characteristics. PURE system design goes in line with the Standard system and looks fine coupled with them in the same room.
Attractive price. The top track positioner does not let the door jump and fixes it safely in the closed position.

PURE system sliding doors:

  • Door width 500-800 mm
  • Door weight up to 30 kg

PURE system pivot doors:

  • Door width up to 400 mm 
  • Door weight up to 20 kg

The products are available in colours according to the catalogue Standard system colour chart.
Gold Matt
Silver Matt
Champagne Matt
Champagne Glossy
Black Matt
White Matt
Silver Glossy
Ivory Glossy
Bronze Glossy
Black Sandy
Bronze Matt
Gold Glossy
Additionally, if these colours do not match your specification, ARISTO, as a manufacturing company, can also make any other colour according to your needs.
Possible profile sizes are indicated in the description of each item in the catalogue, though if you need the customized size, inform us for the further discussion.
Coatings types can be the following:
Anodizing finish
Anode treatment of the aluminium surface is created via chemical reactions.

The coating is scratch and corrosion resistant and doesn’t get dirty during operation.

Anodizing allows you to paint the product according to your requirements.

The colour remains pure and consistent with every batch.
PVC coating
The technology coats 
the surface with various decorative PVC films.

Different textures and patterns can be applied 
to a standard aluminium profile.

The PVC film is resistant 
to damage and detergents.

Colours do not fade over time, and the coating is immune to UV rays.
Powder coating
High-quality polymer powder coating surface is achieved through the use 
of modern automated lines.

The coating is scratch resistant.

The colour remains stable from batch to batch.

Special attention is paid to protect the surface whilst production and transportation.
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