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Stylish, minimalistic and multi-functional

EDGE system with high-quality flush invisible hinges, profile-handle and hidden furniture body


All the furniture in one style

A unique modular 4 in 1 system solves a wide range of tasks and is suitable for complex space arrangement


Patented stile Fusion

Manufactured from ISO9001 primary aluminum, has an increased wall thickness of 1.2 mm and additional stiffeners to increase the strength and rigidity of the finished structure


Ultra-slim and discreet

NOVA system profiles with a visible front of only 5 mm width fit any decoration


30 years of estimated service life

According to the factory tests our mechanisms and tracks make it possible to perform up to 110 000 door opening-closing cycles during the service life that makes about 30 years lasting performance


Long-tested and fully advanced basic sliding solution

Standard system is the embodiment of reliability and a base for any imaginable experiments. It features a wide colour range, unique geometry, big sizes of doors and quality warranty


Each aluminium profile undergoes surface treatment procedures

Anodizing, PVC film or powder covering – due to careful production control, we achieve exceptional strength and reliability of the coating


Fixed partitions for offices or specialized premises

Partition is fixed to the floor and the ceiling, quickly mounted without damaging existing walls and easily moved or dismantled


Save space!

The compact design of Folding system is perfectly suitable for small rooms, narrow corridors and niches in walls where sliding doors cannot be installed


Durable materials, smooth and silent door movement

Patented rollers guarantee easy and precise placement inside the tracks and smooth movements throughout the entire period of operation

ARISTO is a global company with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying of aluminium profiles, fittings and accessories for wardrobes, interior partitions, dressing rooms and shelf storage systems. A recognized brand, proven reputation, high-tech production, efficient logistics, vast franchise and distribution networks all over the world have made us a top company on the furniture market.

You can rely on ARISTO


All products are made from high quality raw materials, which pass through the input control for compliance with state standards.


Our products undergo strict quality control before being sent to the consumer. Our goal is to prevent any problems with the product and earn a customer’s smile!


The implementation of our logistic services is always at the highest level, the guarantees of storage and integrity of your order are ensured.

Why to cooperate with aristo

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Individual approach

Our customers know that we are ready to give full advice on each project and help to make the right choice.


attractive financial conditions

We understand that our partners also need to earn! This is facilitated by the reasonable pricing policy of the company.


modern technologies

We work with the latest generation equipment and advanced technologies, considering the latest production trends.



The ARISTO brand is widely known both among professional furniture makers and final consumers.It will be easier for you to sell products from a well-established brand.