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New overhead handle

Glad to inform that now there is available a new Overhead self-adhesive handle from ARISTO!
New overhead handle
This handle suits for WAVE, WAVE Decor and 4 in 1 systems. The handle is specially designed for those sliding doors when there is no easy grip to open them due to design or composition. For example, if the door rests against a wall, or a direct stop is used. The handle is glued to the filling – it may be glass, slab or mirror; fits neatly to the handle-profile and does not require additional drilling. The adhesive base is already applied to the handle, you just need to remove the protective film for installing it.

Two points are important:

- before gluing the handle, clean and degrease the surface with household detergents;
- for double-sided doors with transparent filling, it is recommended to install two handles.

The square cut of the handle looks elegant and easy grip gives you comfort.

That’s it! Enjoy your new convenient handle! Contact us for more info!