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Novelty – aluminium rod Elips

New aluminium rod Elips is another ARISTO product which is distinguished by a high-quality of the material, coating and performance!
Novelty – aluminium rod Elips
Supports for the rod are manufactured by injection molding and their coating perfectly matches the rods in colour which creates a neat finished composition inside the wardrobe. The range of tints allows choosing the best option for any wardrobe: any colour is available according to the catalogue Standard system colour chart in anodizing or powder coatings.

The gasket at the top of the rod protects the rod from damage and also significantly reduces the noise level when using hangers with metal hooks.
So here is an impressive list of benefits of the new rod Elips:

- the aluminium profile is easy to saw, the length of the whip is 5650 mm, which can optimize the consumption;
- easy installation of the gasket;
- wide assortment;
- protective film on each profile;
- impeccable coating quality;
- smart design;
- complete colour matching of all elements;
- anti-scratch when using;
- acoustic comfort, as there is no metal-to-metal friction during use.

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