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WAVE MAX system

How to combine the maximum door height and narrow profiles? Here at ARISTO we will tell you – it is easy with the new WAVE MAX system!
Narrow profile systems remain one of the most popular types of sliding systems. At the same time, sliding doors of the highest possible height remain a constant market demand. This is the reason why ARISTO engineers developed the WAVE MAX system.

The maximum height of the narrow profile system is now up to 3200 mm. There have been developed special horizontal profiles with a flat front surface for the WAVE MAX system, and the system itself is based on the fittings of the WAVE system.

The main parameters of the new WAVE MAX system are:
-    Max door height is 3200 mm
-    Max door width is 1000 mm
-    Max door weight is 60 kg

Being hardly noticeable to the eyes, thin lines of aluminium profiles emphasise the elegance of the filling of the wardrobe and its modern design and the maximum door heights makes it possible to fit it into almost any space!