Our 4 in 1 System is a truly unique modular system which suites even the most complex design requirements from a customer. The 4 in 1 System allows you to create projects with folding doors, pivot and sliding doors wardrobes as well as top-hung solutions and fixed partitions. The basic element of the system is the patented vertical profile Fusion. The advantage of the 4 in 1 System on the whole is in having the same design and the same profiles for different applications. Therefore the system reduces the load of stocks and gives you more flexibility in designing the whole home, not only the door-opening. This gives you the opportunity to sell more doors to a customer: one set of doors for all imaginable applications, all with the same design if it is necessary.

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Folding System

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4 in 1 System Pivot Solution

For built-in wardrobes with an opening of less than 1 m width it is reasonable to offer pivot doors. The opening angle of 150° provides comfortable accessibility and good visibility inside the wardrobe. We suggest either vertical profiles or additionally installed railing handles for convenient opening and closing. Free space in doors opening area is an obligatory requirement for this solution.


4 in 1 System Fixed Partition

The system can be used for separating larger spaces into zones. The partition is fixed to the floor and the ceiling, quickly mounted without damaging existing walls and can be easily moved or dismantled. Our fixed partition is designed to serve like a temporary wall, while being both safe and practical.


4 in 1 Top Hung System

4 in 1 Top hung system gives an advantage of not having a bottom track – this is a very common requirement for sliding doors. Without the bottom tracks, sliding doors become more applicable as a solution for example to divide different rooms. The doors can either be mounted to the ceiling or to the wall – with a recommended maximum weight of up to 60 kg. The system can also be supplemented with both sequential and synchronous mechanisms: pulling one door will open another one automatically (either to the same or to the opposite direction).


4 in 1 Folding System

Folding doors allow you to save space significantly. Their compact design is perfect for small rooms, narrow corridors and niches in the wall where the installation of sliding doors is not applicable. The doors run smoothly along their tracks and positioners allow you to choose where the doors are supposed to stop.


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